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Welcome to our blog! we would first like to thank you for visiting our site, we will be officially launching our site in around two weeks from this post! So make sure to add us to your favorites and check back regularly. Not only will we offer free Robux we will have forums where you can discuss with fellow Roblox players and meet new friends.

If your new to Roblox it may take you some time to become accustomed to the way things work, you will soon realize that the game can be a tad boring when you have little Robux in your account. Without this in-game currency, you can struggle to purchase items and enjoy your stay on servers. This is because a lot of servers offer in-game purchases so you can buy items on that particular server and look like a VIP! There are so many Roblox Games to choose from the game truly is thousands and thousands of games built into one, check them out for yourself. We always recommend you try a bit of every game and find a couple that you enjoy, don’t stick to the same one constantly as it may get a bit boring.


What to expect in a couple of weeks

Roblox team


In a couple of weeks from now, we will be putting our Roblox hack to the test, we may experience some teething problems but ask if you could be patient whilst we eliminate any bugs/issues. Please feel free to get in contact with us if you have some spare time, we are in urgent need of some BETA testers, so if you think you have what it takes please get in contact here. Anyone that can help Free Roblox Hacker will be rewarded for their efforts and helping hand. Any help is appreciated.


We will be implementing the forums as well, however, will only have a couple of forum topics at first until we create a safe environment for our users and create an anti-spam system. It seems like a lot of forums experience spammers attacking them, so we need to ensure that we can eliminate any entry points for them. Once completed we can explore other topics and make our forum bigger and better, that’s what its all about right?


1Aim Big Start Small – Our team is on our feet!


We will be offering limited slots during the day for people to claim their free Robux, it shouldn’t take long for us to build from there. The reason behind this is we need to find out what is required and how much resources we need to keep sending Robux to you lucky people. Once we have a solid understanding then we can get a larger server that can deal with a higher number of requests. Our number one priority is account safety, we do NOT want a single account banned so will take all the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening. We love saving people money but would hate to see an account get banned from using our service. We do not break any Roblox terms of service, however, if they see an account is receiving high amounts of Robux it may ring alarm bells.


Sit back and relax – We will keep you updated!

sit back and relax


Don’t worry our team will keep you updated with our progress, we are also looking to create a Twitter account where we will post all maintenance alerts and updates to our site. If you experience any issues whilst using our hack/cheat you will be able to check our twitter for service updates.

That’s it from us for now, but this is just the beginning. Please add us to your favorites and tell your family and friends of the up and coming website that will help many Roblox players strive to be a boss!

Thanks for reading and as always have fun playing Roblox!



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