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The PS5 reveal was awesome in today’s Sony announcement. Here are my thoughts on the new PS5, PS5 Digital Edition, DualSense Controller, DualSense Charging Station, HD Camera, and Pulse 3D Wireless Headset.

Check out the PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer here:

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PS5 Impressions: My Thoughts!

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  1. Reply

    Cnat wait to get the ps5 when I'm broke

  2. Reply

    Superb man..

  3. Reply

    Can you have a ps4 and add friends on ps5???

    • Linx
    • July 27, 2020

    6 600 pound 🤣🤣 my ass I’m keeping my pc

  4. Reply

    Had to retire my PS4 no matter how many times I tried sitting it up and restarting it makes that annoying three beeping noise sound. Hopefully PS5 will be a bit smoother. I want to get one without disc cause mine also had disc ejecting issue.

  5. Reply

    Nice WiFi router

    • K A
    • July 27, 2020

    I’m buying both

  6. Reply

    Or 350

  7. Reply

    No the PlayStation is 400

  8. Reply

    I’m so excited

  9. Reply

    Forget about Xbox

  10. Reply

    Let’s go PlayStation

  11. Reply


  12. Reply

    Yes I would go for this over the xbox. I have a friend that would love to play a cat. However, I just wanna play FF7. I know I could go with PS4, but I would also like to see what other games come out. I also want the disc version, so I can minimalize all the consoles-apparatuses that I have for my tv, DVD, Blu-ray, an old Mac-mini used as an Apple TV, and two consoles a ps2 and a rarely used Nintendo Wii (should never have bought, since the games sucked!)

  13. Reply

    # team ps5 xbox series x looks like a fridge

  14. Reply

    So the only difference between the two is that one of them takes discs?

  15. Reply

    they did it to counter the memes

  16. Reply

    sony paid him to make his

  17. Reply

    Your gushing over it. It looks like a vagina.🤫 look really close.

  18. Reply

    I have been an Playstation person since 1995. I have tried the Xbox systems, but never liked them. I DO like the look of the next Xbox console, but won't buy it. My main system is always a PS system, followed by a Nintendo system.

  19. Reply

    Xdox 360. Good

  20. Reply

    Man I love PS 5

  21. Reply

    team ps5

  22. Reply

    I have the ultimate gaming console. An iPhone 5.

  23. Reply

    1 usb port… naaaaa, i use mouse and keyboard. Dumb idea from sony imo

  24. Reply

    Team ur mom

  25. Reply

    just save your oney and wait for Ps6

  26. Reply

    ps5:I am the best
    xbox:no I am
    ps5 where is your fortnite seting
    xbox oh no please don't get your power to me
    ps5:3 2 1 say goodbye thanos snap
    xbox: noooooooo

  27. Yeah I’m going to get the disk one and if it’s not there then no

  28. Reply

    Hello guys can you give me Wi-Fi router 😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Reply

    Wtf I got a scam ad on this video

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