What is Roblox


What is Roblox?

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To say that Roblox is just a game would be highly unfair. It is so much more than just a game. The best way to describe it is to say that it is an imagination platform. Launched more than a decade ago, 2007 to be exact, Roblox is still holding its ground and it’s becoming more and more popular day by day. Official statistics say that Roblox has around 90 million active players from all around the world. The game is available on all platforms, even on amazon devices. Whether you use an iPhone or an Android device, whether you want to play it on your PC or your x box one, you can do it without any issues. Now let’s get started and see what Roblox is all about and what makes it so unique and refreshing.

Why is it called an Imagination Platform?

Roblox imagination platform

In exact words, you can say that Roblox is a game creation system (GCS). In typical games, you play what the game developers offer you. The rules of the game, the physics and the universe of the game are developed and maintained by the game developers. But this is not the case with Roblox. In Roblox, you can not only play the game offered by the developers but you can also create your own game and you can invite other online users to play your creation. This brings in a whole new concept of creativity and imagination. It allows you to build whatever you want, make your own game rules and share it with your friends. You can similarly play games created by other online users.

How to get started with the game:

How to get started on Roblox

The initial process is quite similar to other online multiplayer games. You sign up for the game by choosing a username. You provide some basic details such as the birth date and gender. Once you have signed up and log in using your credentials, the home page experience is somewhat similar to that of a social networking platform.

On your profile page, you can view a lot of information like the games that you have played, the games you have created, people who have interacted with you, people who have followed you and the people whom you follow within the Roblox universe. A lot of other similar information is also available, we have only listed a few here. You also have the option of posting to an online discussion or feed. If you are new to the game then we would advise you that you start following people who have a friendship badge. This badge appears on the profile of only those users who have at least 20 friends. In case you find yourself confused with some aspect of the game, these people can help you out.

Three main aspects of the Roblox Universe:

Roblox Universe

The Roblox universe can be understood as a collection of three main objects. The first one is the game itself, then you have the virtual items marketplace and finally the design studio. Anyone can create virtual items in Roblox. Anyone can buy virtual items in Roblox but only premium users can sell their creations. In short, if you want to monetize your creativity then you must become a premium user. All other aspects of the game are free. The Roblox design studio is where you put your imagined to test. Here you can create virtual items and games. You can sell your virtual items and earn Robux. This is the official Roblox currency that you can exchange for real money.

Do parents need to worry?

Roblox Parental Controls

The simple answer is no. As a parent, you don’t need to stress yourself if your kid is spending time on Roblox. While anyone can join and play the game, there are strict measures in place that ensure that interaction with kids below 13 years of age is censored. The information collected from kids and disclosed in Roblox is regulated by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Chat sessions of kids are strictly monitored and moderated. The chat session has artificial intelligence-based filters that make sure that no offensive content gets through.

We do believe that the measures put in place by Roblox work very well but this doesn’t mean that you can leave your child at the mercy of a chat filter. As a parent, you need to talk to your kids. We would advise you that you educate your child on the importance of online privacy and what kind of people they should avoid on online platforms. The risks are just the same that come with any other social networking site like Facebook and Instagram. Please note that kids below 13 years age require parental permission to access the game. There is also an option to disable the chat window. In short, you keep an eye on what your kid is doing on Roblox, who she or he is interacting with and educate them about the safe online behavior.

Violence and Kids:

Roblox violence and kids

The design of the Roblox universe is very similar to other games such as Minecraft. The user avatars look like Lego figures. Most of the times you won’t find any serious violent content in the game. But in some games, you might find that the avatar dies by disintegrating into multiple pieces. Of course, there is no blood and gore in the game but since the game has a social aspect to it, getting killed in the game can have manifestations in the real world. You can ban such games if you don’t want your children to play them.

Offensive language in the game:

Roblox Offensive Language Filter in use

We found that the chat filter works and works really well indeed. But still, it’s not a one hundred percent success rate. Conventional swear words will never get through but some of the new words that might have a different meaning in some other context can get through. You can try to monitor the chat periodically and disable the chat window if you think it’s becoming a bit too abusive and negative.


Top 5 Roblox Games For Beginners

Roblox is a huge repository of user-generated games. From adventure titles to RPGs, there are numerous games of all genres that you enjoy. It can get a bit confusing to find the right game for you from such a huge database of games. Here we present to you our top 5 Roblox games that you will surely find entertaining and engaging.

1. Natural Disaster Survival:

Roblox Survival Game

If you like survival games then this is the game for you. You get to deal with the forces of nature and your end goal is to stay alive while escaping the brutal elements of nature any way you find.


2. Scuba Diving at Quill Lake:

Roblox Scuba Diving game

This game is simply beautiful to look at. Playing this game is a relaxing experience. The environment settings and the picturesque are soothing and calming. You dive to the sea bed and explore for treasure and items that you can use to upgrade your avatar. The more you explore, the more gear you get to upgrade and that makes your avatar capable of exploring deeper and farther.


3. Theme Park Tycoon 2:

Roblox Tycoon 2 gamemode

It is a tycoon sim where you have to constantly expand, evolve and manage your theme park. The game demands great attention to detail. Its not all about making new rides, you also have to care for amenities and facilities for the visitors.

4. Murder Mystery

Roblox Murder mystery gamemode

You can play this game either as a murder, sheriff or as an innocent character. No one other than the murderer and the sheriff have weapons and they keep them concealed. So everyone suspects everyone and this results in great mystery entertainment.

5. Jailbreak

Roblox Jailbreak gamemode

Think of Jailbreak as Grand Theft Auto 5 in the Roblox universe. You can play this game either as a Policeman or as a convict. The game features elements of open-world gameplay. Still, in beta, you can expect it to be released soon in the near future.



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